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VivaStyle Whitening Strips

“Adhered well without slipping"

“Comfortable to wear without need for a tray at all”

“I had results in only a few days!”

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VivaStyle Whitening System

“It was easy and simple to use”

“I liked the post-whitening sensitivity paste”

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VivaStyle LED Whitening System

“Zero sensitivity!”

“Not a lot of the whitening gel went into my mouth like other systems I have tried”

“The pen made it very easy to apply the material onto my teeth”

*Testimonials based on third party research

Don’t let whitening slow you down.
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On the Go Fast Whitening Reduced Sensitivity

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All lifestyles are different, that’s why we have various whitening options to match your lifestyle. Take our VivaStyle Quiz here to find the best VivaStyle product for you!
VivaStyle is clinically proven to deliver up to 10 shades whiter teeth in 14 days of treatment. Patients can start to see shade change in as little as 4 days.
While it is important to have a clean surface when applying the gel, you generally should not brush your teeth about four hours before you start your teeth whitening treatment. Brushing sometimes results in abrasions to your gums, which can make them more sensitive to the whitening gel.
VivaStyle Whitening Gels are enamel safe.

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